Sunday, August 21, 2016

A Brief Breath

In order to form a more perfect union our playlist activity will be suspended for this immediate future. The regular and increased research/listening habits it's been a main goal of this playlist to facilitate are immense and wonderful. The weekly work has undeniably trained, shaped, and affected my "listener's life" and I hope to resume it in the future. For the time being we have vowed some semblance of silence in the aid of another work. It is towards this cause I'd like to devote the increased level of focus and energy afforded me by this past three years of work. It is our hope that, upon completion, you'll investigate this next step with as much continued enthusiasm and vigor.


Wednesday, July 13, 2016


To Whom It May Concern:

I write in great faith that we have, at some point, shared in experiencing the profound sense of connection to what we work for and towards.  That in highest esteem we hold, and with our deepest devotion aim to preserve, this ineffable truth we've glimpsed.  To facilitate its natural growth and share the yields of this, work we deem to be of the utmost importance to us ourselves as human beings.  As we work in our respective fields we interface with elements that serve as pollutants to our direction.  This accumulation occurs in all things.  It is great and capable of grossly upsetting our work's trajectory.  Between the identification of garbage itself and its conversion into toxicity a most crucial point exists.  It is possible, through great effort, to intercept these pollutants and to flush the clots from the arteries of our purpose.  In very rare and quick moments we experience this unbroken flow.  It comes through as missed opportunity, intuition, shock, epiphany, and inconsequence alike.  To learn sensitivity in these moments one must work constantly, maintaining focus on that connection that calls us to work.  Whoever you are I hope that you will help me (and I you) in maintaining the bond.  May this be the root of our future together.

"How could the very great glory and honor that was given to you go unused as if they were nothing and not motivate you at all?  Gold ought to be tried in fire and precious stones ought to be cleansed and polished.  Likewise, all things ought to be searched for eagerly in all things"

Hildegard von Bingen


Address to Grantors, Arts/Music Organizations, Labels, Musicians, Listeners:

There is a type of worker, with focus undeterred and whose work is most pure, serving only the connection.  These creators we ought to regard most highly with respect to the alignment of our purpose.  Their creations exist too for us to observe in brief moments.  In such direct coupling work begets work in order that we may experience.  Deceptively simple is their plugging into purpose and abundant and available are their creations.  There are two individuals whose work profoundly challenges one in this way and to whom I implore you to make a significant commitment in investigating their lives: as creators, as workers, as individuals.  An endless beacon for how one must work and go forth into the world.  Please use their light as your rubric, support them, and in turn yourself. 

1.  ANDREW SMILEY guitarist/composer
2.  DEREK REINHARDT guitarist/composer

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Drum Posting #1

I've been making practice of transcribing automations on drums as they arrive.  Here's one example.      

New Drawings for Sale



bibochairs (at) gmail (dot ) com 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Repelican - Half Spasms

     The term "hook" is something we wield with a superficial lightness (as with many descriptors and most words in general).  The surrounding depth and richness, the topography and infrastructure that supports a hook, and the songcraftsmanship that yields its gem-like irrepressible jolt is easily overlooked.  I've been listening to Repelican's "Half Spasms" and having difficulty finding a place to begin explaining summarily my delight in listening to it.  It's an absolute necessity to address the totality of its creator's (Jon Ehrens) output.  A cursory look over innumerable recordings/projects reveals immense consistency.  Half Spasms is certainly no exception.  To say simply that this album "has hooks" would be a disservice to communicating the songwriting excellence being brought forth and the scope of his body of work only further supports that notion.  (For those unfamiliar take a dive into his back catalog: Art Department's "Paperwork/Birdwork" and White Life's self-titled LP are both standouts).  Jon Ehrens is an undeniable master of craft prolifically swiss-army-knifing his way through styles and instrumentation.  On Half Spasms the power/AM/bubblegum pop** canon of Todd Rundgren, David Quinton, The Toms, The Nerves/Plimsouls, and Felt all comes to mind.  Standing strongly there among them is Ehrens.  There's an inescapable quality to this record that keeps many of its parts constantly turning in my mind (often simultaneously).  That, for me, is the hallmark of the best "hook" and "pop" songwriting and through Ehrens seems to find its way in constant effortless abundance. 

**"Pop" another term VERY guilty of superficial lightness

Monday, January 25, 2016


Ancient Enemies

w/ DJ "Sets" by
John Deblase - electronics/bass

Tony Gedrich - electronics/bass

 The first in an ongoing series presented in association with Title:Point Theatre.  The spirit of New Firmament Playlists executed live, with presence, and minimal interference.

***Lets see what making Vital Joint a "No Phones Area" feels like. This means everyone entering VJ for the performance will be asked politely to turn off (not just silence) all phones/internet devices and to keep them out of view for the duration. This way we can see how it feels to build and live in an experience unintruded upon by the outside world for a few hours.***


Monday, January 4, 2016


Calligraphies - $175
Drawings - $125
Prints (#17) - $30

**Practicing Loss Print $5 un-matted**

Sizes vary (most generally 16x20 matted)

All originals
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