Monday, May 4, 2015


FEAST OF THE EPIPHANY (N. Podgurski/New Firmament primary musical vehicle) will be performing new music in June. The last live performance in February of 2013 also marked the sending off of the lineup from the album Temperance.

At an unspeakably slow pace the past two and a half years have been spent seeking out the right people and beginning work on new music. Being a musician (even a great one) is more often than not beside the point for the this thing. Fortunately, answers lay close by in Caley Monahon-Ward (Extra Life), Andrew Smiley (Little Women), and Keith Abrams (Kayo Dot). Working with these people and in this slowed manner effectively changed my entire perception of what it is that one gets from music; what can be done with it, what I want from it. Strengthening some habits as we explore; eliminating others. To incorporate, absolutely, the intuition of all involved into a process whereby we can all learn from one another as we go and proceed forth using both our own individual and one another's intuitive sense as a larger instrument is certainly at the forefront. Sparing more artistic jargon this takes a long time. In order that we might make this work we must learn to BE together, then play together, then, hopefully, create together. All parts and individuals are significant and equally temper what the creation yields; and it's that traversal that stands tantamount to the music created.

No, there is no record.

This is the performance.

JUNE 11th at IBEAM we will perform this music in full sharing the evening with Travis Laplante, one of the most deeply devoted individuals I know (and simply no one better suited for this experience.) I'm incredibly grateful to these people for helping to create this evening over the course of the past two and some odd years and look forward to seeing you there.

For more guidance regarding Feast of the Epiphany/New Firmament/N. Podgurski I recommend listening to our releases here:

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TRAVIS LAPLANTE is a member of Battle Trance, Little Women, and performs solo on Tenor Saxophone. His work can be found here:

JUNE 11th
168 7th Street Brooklyn

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