Monday, May 11, 2015


It's difficult for me to word descriptions of my music in a way that makes it simply appealing to general public. I think part of the reason is the point of this music, NF playlists, etc. is encouraging the listener to think differently. It's more the point that there's a trajectory outlined for you to follow and send your own experience through. To say that it's this genre or that feels weird and beside the point. Admittedly, this is how people are drawn in to check a thing out but it's something I still don't have a full intuitive grasp of and feels weird for me to take time away from building the actual thing to work on describing it. Nonetheless I'm incredibly excited this summer to have several performances and recordings coming up and out that I feel work in conjunction with one another to fully reinforce and depict the totality of New Firmament as a universe. Additionally I feel like SOME explanation of what the hell is going on with all the names here is required. So NEW FIRMAMENT began as, and continues to be, an umbrella term for any releases/playlists/etc. I've worked on. It is the name of the "label" through which I self-release and occasionally release the recordings of others (though I see it more as a private collection as the business parts of what a "label" are mostly absent from my motivation/pursuit. FEAST OF THE EPIPHANY has been and will continue to be my (N. Podgurski) main musical vehicle. Early on however, that project encountered a split into several trajectories (one more home-recorded experiments than the other.) As it became clear that I would like to continue to pursue both trajectories it became necessary to reconfigure and so it is that, generally speaking, FEAST OF THE EPIPHANY has taken on the duty of more rigid composition. "Songs" and "Vocals" are found there. Whereas NEW FIRMAMENT, as a project, is more adaptable and changing. Currently the focus has been on meditative binaural beats-oriented minimal keyboard. This will likely change and so it is encouraged to approach each NEW FIRMAMENT release newly and geared more towards the idea of the "album" name as a the project itself. Change in FEAST OF THE EPIPHANY occurs more slowly and the general compositional intuition remains in tact though, as the people I work with in it shift, so too will the music as that is the nature of the project for me. ABOVE ALL ELSE I feel that the best form of information for ALL of these projects is one another. They are, for me, counterweights to the way each one works. The earliest recordings in what would become the NF musical trajectory were used as a reprieve from the style of intuition used in writing with FEAST OF THE EPIPHANY. From there both have developed apart from, yet in many ways, can't NOT influence one another. So here we are. I encourage you to make use of the collection as a means to understand the other parts of it. Influences are abound and are available in our playlists but to simply tell you one piece feels, ALWAYS, like glaring omission. The way I understand one is through the other and I hope you can enjoy investigating that.

Here is a brief bio for FEAST OF THE EPIPHANY I feel is relevant:

FEAST OF THE EPIPHANY is the earliest and perhaps most rigid piece of the New Firmament foreordination. Presence and focus are achieved inverse to other NF forms. Hyperactivity rebuilds interior ambience encouraging a global zoom out. Subtlety and monument, rather than poles, become lenses. All parts constantly modifying themselves, their relationships, and ways in which they are perceived. The direct result of a slow collaborative assimilation, each manifestation developed with a key unique unto itself often never to be returned to save for as experiential wayposts to coalescence.

Feast of the Epiphany is:

Nick Podgurski - keyboard vocals Caley Monahon-Ward - guitars Andrew Smiley - guitars Keith Abrams - bass

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