Saturday, August 8, 2015


Taking in Stern's newest album "Bone Turquoise" these past few months has had me returning continually seeking to repeat an experience and finding only strange, gorgeous remnants of memory.  Bone Turquoise's alien landscape opens up fully functioning from the onset.  Immaculate fluidity is sluiced by shifts in color that keep it integrally sound.  The foreignness that sustains allows the senses' gradual adjustment to their new environment yet flows into new forms before full assimilation can be achieved.  Remarkably the throes, the harsh rejection of constant transit one would expect are nowhere to be found.  An expert smoothness navigates the change.   Watching these worlds move before you knowing the pace is not your own equips Bone Turquoise with a cinematic quality of remove.  Its drama incapable of disruption.  Its feel cerebral and foggy yet colorful.  Embedded within one finds qualities that run parallel with the music of Shudder to Think, Faith No More, etc.  That Stern is comprised of ex-Time of Orchids, and current Kayo Dot members certainly yields further notion of its palette;  yet, the aforementioned cinematic environment is unique, thick, and immeasurably surrounds these germs to set afloat something all its own.  Its essence engulfs them; the glint of their presence ensorcelling the listener from within the flow.  The shifting integrity of alien lands redefines the experience tirelessly and we are left with a pronounced lingering essence and the unmistakable notion that something great has transpired.

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