Friday, October 23, 2015



The notion that from one idea others are yielded, from that pool the possibility for cellular growth, and in turn the illumination of sense in: shape, purpose, and direction appeals to me.  No initial concept.  Working this way takes longer.  In that time a music can develop its own unique intuitive sense.  One can then ideally apply their own intuition and work alongside it as collaborator.  I love this idea.  Living Mithridate is most certainly originating in this form of self-information.  However, the yields are such that I can't help but feel that it is something different in the end entirely.   There's an openness and deceptive simplicity in the framework that changed all considerations beyond a certain point making this music more a practice in the creation and sustenance of conduit for the self and others.

Living Mithridate can serve as a supplement to meditation, spiritual practices, relaxation, etc.    

Available end of October 2015. 

Contact us here: bibochairs (at) gmail (dot) com

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