Monday, January 2, 2017

Try Talking

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  1. when I heard Fote i thought it sounded like music from another world, and hearing you talk about it I realize that you've developed a propulsion system for a space craft. I read in a mingus interview, he said bach is how man got to the moon. In my own work developing a space program, I realized you can get much more efficiency than NASA gets if you treat your propulsion like music. you might have seen this in your life, treating things rhythmically utilizes momentum. Your music would be useful in certain space scenarios. I'm starting a space program, I think you'd like it, you seem to already be involved, you keep using aeronautical terminology. Yes both of us have been criminally unsung, but they were just keeping us safe. My space program, get the people together, and decide where and how we want to go. When you enter space, it's pretty much a dream machine, and the crew on board will negotiate among themselves the world they want to live in. People in tall building and on mountains trip something holy. I'm not suggesting any means, but I have certain tools, and i understand the challenges. I had a dream i was on a space ship, and when i got there it was only my wifey and my mom. It was lonely, and I came to understand that I'm going to need some friends. We seem to be on a similar frequency. so let me say that I think music is the most important thing. Abstract relations, that can be seen everywhere. Music is the fundamental. I wish this was true, I wish i could see the world from music's point of view, because with music eyes i know everything is good. Yes put out a record, what fuel for what minds! Let's continue the dialogue, but remember to fuel it appropriately, for my goal is beyond. Actually I don't have any goals, one of the reasons i need crew. I could build a spaceship and stay on earth, i just feel so blessed right now, but the circumstances aren't in my control, so we'll see what happens. cheers! to the epiphany!