Saturday, October 18, 2014


Spending some time the past month or so with the new album from Kayo Dot 'Coffins on Io' has been a truly gratifying experience. A left turn following their previous leviathan of a release Hubardo; Coffins on Io's strength lies in its unfaltering focus. There's a concision that, rather than feeling narrow, opens up and fortifies a flow of color from out its undercurrent. All the while the expanse one comes to expect from Kayo Dot remains intact. Kayo Dot have accomplished the rare feat of achieving a wonderfully palatable listen (something that too often sets off flags of cheap over-simplification) through avenues of deepening potency. Conglomerate threads of David Sylvian, Bohren & der Club of Gore, Red-era King Crimson, and Type O Negative abound without tangential discursion. The consistency it maintains keeps it fresh and begging for reinvestigation while aptly conjuring sundry visual/emotional topographies. Seldom is it that a record can sustain such a variety of projection, and an absolute pleasure it is to find one that does so as effortlessly. Coffins On Io is out now on Flenser Records.

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