Saturday, October 4, 2014


 For the past week I've been going deep with the new PC WORSHIP album Social Rust.  A fully functioning ecosystem straddling the gates to many musical worlds PC WORSHIP draws one in and immediately delivers alien familiarity bountiful in fragmentary parallels while standing firmly individual.  It's this maintained coalescence of the wild and the wonted that makes Social Rust such extraordinary listening.  Fundamentally catchy blankets of song bring to mind moments from Polvo, Butthole Surfers, and Neil Young's catalogues remarkably redefined with a Charles Ives-like finesse of texture and experiment.  That muscular counterweight is wielded with phenomenal expressivity to both blend and bewilder; the resulting balance becomes paramount in founding the core and expanse of Social Rust's beauty.  Social Rust is available now via Dull Tools and Northern Spy.    

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